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Michelle contacted me about getting some experience doing a formal photo shoot and RFT model Danielle needed some new images for her portfolio, so we had a brief to fill, which is always helpful.

We started out a few days before the shoot reviewing Danielle's current image set and understanding what she thought might be needed needed. She wanted some swimsuit shots and whatever else we thought might complement it. We decided on sport style and planned the two looks. Initially, we began at the Jezzine Barracks redevelopment for the sporty look, but it was in direct sunlight so really not good for the 'lifestyle' look we needed.

As I mentioned to Michelle, if this was a formal shoot for the model rather than mainly a teaching session, I would have definitely scouted all the locations ahead of time so I knew exactly what the light was like at the time of day we were going to be there. Sometimes challenges crop up and you just have to be open to change. With a limited amount of time available, you have to just make the call that it's not going to work and change locations early.

The blue background is the wall of Juliette's and when I saw it as we drove past, I knew the shade of blue would complement the blues in Dani's outfit and accessories.


When the sun is out at this time of day, it's important to keep the model's face in the shade. The background at the beach was super bright and you have to accept that it's going to blow to white and lose all detail, as it did in the images below of her sitting on the sand. Or alternatively, try and compose the shots so that there are trees or other darker objects in the background.


If you have more time, an another option to deal with the huge difference in exposure would be to use off camera flash to light the model, bringing her up to a similar brightness as the background. We did have a reflector, but that wasn't enough to fill in the 3 or so stops difference between the model's face in the shade and the sand in the near mid-day sun.

The reflector was definitely useful however for bouncing some light back into Dani's face in the shots taken in the shade below, and also for adding a catchlight to the eyes.

Hit me up for one-one-one teaching in basic dSLR use, running a photo shoot, portfolio building and post-production using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.