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Sarah-Jane gave birth to her little daughter Tahlia last week. Well, I use the term little with some license, since she weighed in at 4.38kg. SJ had a caesarean section with her first and was keen for a natural birth this time around. Unfortunately she developed gestation diabetes too and Tahlia was known to be a big baby.

Sarah-Jane was delighted when she went into labour before her due date, avoiding the induction or caesarean section that had been proposed. She was happy for me to capture a few photos of her successful story to encourage others planning a natural birth in her situation.

 "The body achieves what the mind believes" 

She wrote to me afterwards: 'I stumbled across this quote and feel that the information provided in the VBAC seminar and the support provided by my midwife in the MGP played a vital role in our success. Thanks for the opportunity to help other women feel as empowered as I do now.'

We love it when a plan comes together!